The Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam (2019)

The Scheepvaartmuseum (Museum of sailing/boating) sees modern colors in their new areas.

Lumen Solutions has been able to come up with a plan for the dynamic lighting meant to hang in the new checkout- and entrance areas of the Scheepvaartmuseum.

In cooperation with the Kuijpers Firm, Lumen Solutions was able to devise a plan for the dynamic light implementation of the new checkout and entrance area.

14x custom made LumoTubo tubes with a diameter of 40 mm were used in these new spaces. These tubes are fitted with RGBW LEDs and radiate a 350º bundle of light around them.

By using RGBW LED-strips, in combination with multiple 32ch dmx Led drivers and power supplies, each individual profile can be, through a central ETC dmx touchscreen controller, set to the desired color or intensity. Various moving patterns and / or specific color changes can also be turned on from the pre-programmed preset buttons.

We, on behalf of Lumen Solutions, have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that the Scheepvaartmuseum is satisfied with the achieved result. The entire installation was installed by the Kuijpers Firm and the engineers from the Scheepvaartmuseum itself, and we think that they can be very proud of that.

In addition, we would like to thank The Scheepvaartmuseum and the Kuijpers company for a pleasant collaboration, and we wish them much pleasure in the coming years with these new spaces.

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