Studio59, Veghel (2012)

Studio59 sees color

Lumen Solutions was recently able to equip Veghel's new lunch and lounge room, called Studio59, with a high-quality lighting installation.

Veghel receives a new, chic lunch- and lounge room with Entrepreneur René van Doorn opened his new business in the center of Veghel in December. Everything is there for holding a presentation or organizing an event. The beautiful interior and lighting design came from René himself and Lumen Solutions as a lighting supplier.

For example, it is possible to adjust the cove lighting, wall lighting and color of the transparent stair treads in any desired color on the ground floor. This also applies to the spots that illuminate the half mirror balls on the ceiling.

The upper floor has similar lighting, further extended with illuminated tables, spotlights focused on the textured walls and color-changing ceiling surfaces. A dance floor can be created in the center of the room, above which chandeliers. PAR56 LED spots and Robe LedBeam 100 moving heads provide the right atmosphere during a party. The white furniture, the small stage with star cloth, the LED pixel bars, the compact DJ bar and a powerful sound installation complement the interior.

Almost all lighting is based on RGBW LED, so that in addition to the primary colors red, green and blue, warm white (and therefore 16 million mixing colors) can be chosen.

Starting with the wishes of owner René van Doorn, a number of fixed color settings were first made. In addition, it is possible to mix the desired light color yourself in groups, with the idea that companies or private persons who rent the spaces for an event or presentation can choose any desired (house) color. Upstairs, the effect lighting and smoke machine are also integrated in the iPad control.

Both iPads (one for bottom, one for top) are each connected to a CueCore light controller from manufacturer Visual Productions, which works seamlessly in the background with Android or iOS devices. The wireless networks are configured exclusively for the lighting control and are therefore virtually insensitive to external influences.

On behalf of Lumen Solutions, we have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that Studio59 is satisfied with the achieved result.

We would also like to thank Studio59 and entrepreneur René van Doorn for a great cooperation, and we wish them lots of fun with this stylish lunchroom in the coming years.

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