Het Kruithuis, Delft (2018)

Het Kruithuis sees new colors

Lumen Solutions was able to contribute to a new lighting-technical plan for Het Kruithuis in Delft.

The Kruithuis on the Delftse Schie is a former storage building for gunpowder. It nowadays serves as an accommodation for the scouting region of Delfland. The Kruithuis was built in 1660 far beyond the city walls of Delft after the Delft lighting accidant, the disaster with the old powder house in 1654. It was built after a design by Pieter Post and consists of a gatehouse with the Kortegaard guard house , corrupted from the French name 'Corps de Garde' and a warehouse and cockpit house, where the gunpowder was weighed and packed. The two powder towers are in the center of the pond. The complex is walled and has a moat. Both entrances to the towers are equipped with two double doors. The inner doors are covered with copper plates. All hinges and locks are made of copper to prevent sparking. 400,000 pounds of gunpowder could be stored in the towers. Both towers and the warehouse and cockpit house have a masonry vault and have considerably thicker walls than the vault itself. In the event of an explosion, the roof would rise and the walls remain, causing much less damage to the surrounding area.

A large stone bridge is located at the front, so that it is possible to enter the complex with a vessel from the Schie. The gatehouse is decorated with a large coat of arms of the States General. In the upstairs room in the gatehouse there is a wooden fireplace with above it, also in wood, the coat of arms of the States General. The complex was built in the style of Dutch classicism and is still in very good condition.

Lumen Solutions has taken care of the lighting plan for the columns of the facade wall, the gatehouse and the beautiful 17th century coat of arms at the front of the site. The entire light installation is switched via an automatic sunclock control. This control checkes wheter the sun has risen or is setting, and adjusts the circuits automatically during the different seasons. The Kruithuis therefore does not have to change / adjust anything themselves.

On behalf of Lumen Solutions, we have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that the Kruithuis is satisfied with the achieved result.

We would also like to thank Het Kruithuis for a great collaboration, and we wish them a lot of fun with this beautiful piece of culture in the coming years.

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