De Roos, Delft (2018)

An icon from Delft shines in her new colors

Lumen Solutions has recently been able to help witht the process of  renewal for a Delft icon, ´De Roos´ grain mill.

Delft windmill De Roos is the only surviving windmill of the 18 windmills that ever ran in Delft. Now de Roos is a vibrant, open and working icon of Delft, where you can experience craft, technology, history and culture. Every week, the Roos grinds organic grain into flour, using wind power.

Lumen Solutions has been able to provide this beautiful windmill with a complete lightingplan. This plan switches on / off automatically with a stand-alone control that even monitors the changing sunrise and sunset all year round.

On behalf of Lumen Solutions, we have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that De Roos is satisfied with the achieved result.

In addition, we would like to thank grain mill De Roos and Delft for a great cooperation, and we wish them a lot of fun in the coming years with this architectural show of display.

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