De Kroon Royal Room, Amsterdam (2018)

The Royal Room, belonging to restaurant De Kroon, receives royal lighting

Lumen Solutions has been able to join the thinking about a lighting-technical interpretation for the Royal Room, belonging to café / restaurant De Kroon in Amsterdam.

The Royal Room is a new room on the Rembrandtplein and can be rented for receptions, private parties / dinners, seminars, product presentations, meetings etc.

Commissioned by De Kroon, Lumen Solutions provided the Royal Room with LED lighting, focussing on the bar being an eye-catcher. Artecta LED strips have been used in the edges of the bar, and the Gantom One pin spots have been chosen to illuminate the bottles.

On behalf of Lumen Solutions, we have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that De Kroon is satisfied with the achieved result.

In addition, we would like to thank restaurant De Kroon for a great cooperation, and we wish them a lot of fun in the coming years with this beautiful new room.

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