Armin Only Embrace World Tour, Amsterdam (2016)

Armin van Buuren's tour show shines in powerful colors

Lumen Solutions has been given the opportunity to think alongside with the producers of the tourshow of one of the world´s greatest DJ´s Armin van Buuren, on a lighting technical level.
The Armin Only Embrace World Tour started in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, on the 6th and 7th of May 2016.

ALDA Events was responsible for the design and production of this  high-quality technical production of the Armin Only show, and The Art of Light was responsible for the lighting design. A modest, but very prominent part of the decor was reserved for the Gantom One CW.

Compact, powerful & versatile… that's the Gantom One. With 'only' 4.8 watts of power and a 2.7° beam this proved to be the best LED pin spot that would still have enough power at longer distances to survive this mega lighting show and their respective special effects. 

The show will be going all over the world this year thanks to the succesful world premiere.

Supplier: Lumen Solutions
Lighting design: The Art Of Light (Andre Beekmans)
Production: Alda Events (Maarten Hoogland)
Photos: Alda Events

We have done our best on behalf of Lumen Solutions to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that ALDA Events is satisfied with the achieved result.

We would also like to thank ALDA Events and The Art Of Light for a great collaboration, and we wish them lots of fun with this versatile show in the coming years.

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