FOMEX FlexColor series


FC600 & C1200
Flexcolor, with an advanced approach to color mixing, targets white lighting points and combines carefully selected LED light sources with multiple channels to create a complete spectrum of precisely controllable light, including millions of saturated colors, pastels, and high-quality white light.

Lighting Mode
Available control mode | CCT /RGB/ HUE /GEL/ x-v Coordinate

Only the Fomex FC RGBWW mat can perfectly fulfill the conditions required for various lighting directions through excellent light quality and color reproduction. The FC RGBWW LED lighting
mat surpasses the limits of traditional lighting sources and provides CCT functionality that enables the tuning of broadband light sources ranging from 2,000 K0 to 10,000 K0 Also. The industry-standard color gel preset mode and HUE, RGB, and X/Y coordinate modes are provided to maximize convenience and sens tively respond to various user needs. 

TLCI 98 & CRI 96
Fomex's Flexcolor provides ideal and stable light through the highest-grade light quality that can be implemented through artificial light source. The light is measured at an impressice TLCI 98 (CRI96), which is the same level with natrual light. 

Accurate Dimmer Control
With a dedicated controller for accurate light intensity control, it is possible to sensitively control the amount of light from 0  to 100%.

Wireless Control
CRMX (DMX & RDM) | Lumen Radio CRMX Wireless Control System

The Lumen Radio CRMX, which has established itself as the industry standard for wireless lighting control systems, automatically detects signal transmissions and is capable of wirelessly controlling DMX channels with high reliability in any situation. In addition, a newly added Bluetooth module called Timo Two enables high level control. Timo Two Bluetooth module is considered the most reliablemodule in the wireless DMX market, due to its easy and quick implementation of lighting system set ups and the capabilityto control through multiple portable devices using shared Bluetooth con trol technology.

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