ARRI LiOS2 is nu beschikbaar!


ARRI LiOS2 now available!

Faster and smarter teamwork

With the release of LiOS2 for the Orbiter LED luminaire, ARRI enables better workflows for modern productions. Three new modes in the Lighting Operating System establish new possibilties for crews to work and cooperate faster and smarter. Software and firmware are playing more and more critical roles in modern lighting design. Since the introduction of ARRI's LED line of products, there have been continuous firmware updates, so that your ARRI LED product can be years old and completely up to date at the same time.

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New features in LiOS2

Optics Auto Adjust in LiOS2

The Optics Auto Adjust Mode in Orbiter's LiOS2 offers 100% color stability with any optic and any focus. Utilizing the accessory recognition of Orbiter’s innovative QLM (Quick Lighting Mount), the ARRI Spectra light engine is modified to maintain maximum color stability no matter which configuration is used; this includes textiles such as Softboxes or Domes, a reflector in Open Face, or lenses such as the new Orbiter Fresnel Lens. This gives the camera crew time to focus on other important settings. Learn more...

Sync Mode
Time matters on every production, and with LiOS2 Sync Mode, light output can be triggered when and how the camera needs it. This LiOS2 automation is designed to free up the crew for real teamwork. Cue the lights, when the camera needs them!
Cue Mode
Exact timing is key for capturing dynamic images and Cue Mode enables precise lighting control right on the spot. Every operator can set the key lighting parameter right on time and with precision.