Mandatory Firmware Update For All DMG MIX LED Fixtures


A new firmware update for the Rosco MINI MIX, SL1 MIX, and MAXI MIX fixtures is available. The update will have many new features that customers have been asking for!

• New and improved DMX profiles
• Advanced Art-Net settings for LAN and Wi-Fi
• New Wi-Fi 5.8GHz option
• Updated display functionality

Please note that on March 31, 2022, the myMIX® app will be updated for iOS® and Android® devices. Once the app is updated, the app will not be able to control MINI MIX, SL1 MIX, and MAXI MIX fixtures until the firmware on those fixtures has been updated.

Customers will be able to update the firmware one of two ways.

1. Via the myMIX app (beginning March 31, 2022)

• Suggested for updating a small number of fixtures
• myMIX will prompt you to update the firmware of any fixture that is not running MIX 2.1
• This process takes approximately 20 minutes to update one fixture

2. Via PC (available now)

• Recommended for updating multiple fixtures - rental houses, sound stages, video studios, etc.
• This process takes more time to setup but updating one fixture only takes a matter of seconds.

Update To MIX Firmware 2.1 Via PC Now

Step 1 - Download the MIX 2.1 Upgrade Procedure PDF 
Step 2 - Download the MIX Firmware 2.1

The DMG Lumière web site will always contain the latest firmware updates and supporting documentation. If you have any questions, please contact