ARRI Orbiter | 4 new accessories


NEW | ARRI Orbiter Docking Ring

ARRI introduces its Orbiter accessory new arrivals: the Orbiter Docking Ring, the Orbiter Bag-o-Light, Orbiter Glass Cover, and Orbiter Dome Mini. The Docking Ring and three other innovative tools extend Orbiter's flexibility, making this advanced luminaire even more versatile.

Orbiter Docking Ring

This Orbiter Docking Ring allows the attachment of wide range compatible optics from
various manufacturers including projection optics, fresnel- and cyc optics—up to a
 weight of 7.9 kg / 17.4 lbs. The optical design of the Orbiter Docking Ring boosts the
performance of older tools in output, optical performance, and homogeneity.

Now, users can apply their already-owned optics on the Orbiter as an alternativeto ARRI optics whilestill benefiting from quality and power of ARRI lighting. Find out more.

Orbiter Glass Cover

The Glass Cover allows for unrestricted light output at a high intensity without impacting color temperature or quality. Ideal for near distance applications with limited available space where much light is needed. Learn more.

Orbiter Dome Mini
The Dome Mini provides great quality omnidirectional light at a high intensity.
Its ultra-translucent material keeps the light output loss to a minimum compared
to the usually larger, cloth-based domes. Learn more. 
Orbiter Bag-o-Light
The Bag-o-Light is an accessory for the 15° Open Face optic of the Orbiter.
It creates a beautiful, round, soft light with almost no shadows. Ideal for close-up applications in motion picture and photgraphy. Have a look.

You can find more information about the new ARRI Orbiter Accesoires on the website of ARRI.