Rosco Miro Cube 2

The Next Generation of Miro Cube Has Arrived

Since its introduction in 2014, lighting designers have turned to Rosco’s Miro Cube to provide powerful output and beautiful color from a compact LED fixture. With Miro Cube 2, a new generation arrives, including features that are sure to impress.

The fixture's sleek new design is packed with new technology that makes Miro Cube 2 easy to control and integrate. Lighting designers will appreciate how the Miro Cube 2 enables them to maintain their design with accuracy and consistency. 

Miro Cube 2 Features:

• Ludicrous Mode™: new, patented technology that optimizes the fixture's power delivery to maximize its output at any color temperature or hue.
• Pre-Tuned Delivery: Miro Cube 2 fixtures can be specified to arrive from Rosco pre-set to a specific hue or color temperature for consistent and easy integration.
• Multiple Control Options: RDM compatible DMX, 0-10V, and via the myMIX mobile app using the new myMIX Connect accessory.
• Beam Control Options: A kit of three OPTI-SCULPT™ lenses is included, and the entire OPTI-SCULPT range is available to shape the beam as-needed. Top Hats, Barn Doors and Egg Crate Louvers are also available for the Miro Cube 2.

The Miro Cube 2 4C is an RGBW color-mixing fixture for producing bright and bold colors. The fixture’s white emitter can also be used to create tints and pastel tones.Read more...

The Miro Cube 2 4CA is an RGBA fixture that features a unique, phosphor-converted amber chip for creating rich warm tones. The fixture also produces a warm white light – as low as 2200K – that features a full-color spectrum and a high CRI.Read more...

WNC – Tunable White
The Miro Cube 2 WNC is a tunable white fixture that features a mix of warm, neutral, and cool LEDs to produce white light with a color temperature range of 2700K to 6000K and excellent color rendering (92+ CRI). Read more...

UV365 – Blacklight
The Miro Cube 2 UV365 is a high-output blacklight featuring LEDs that are tuned to a narrow 365nm. This is the perfect ultraviolet bandwidth to make fluorescent scenery, make-up and set materials luminesce and glow. Read more...

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