ARRI introduceert LightNet


ARRI LightNet announced

ARRI LightNet is a unique new software platform designed by ARRI’s Solutions Group to offer smart, logical, and at-a-glance centralized monitoring, fault-finding, and management of broadcast studio lighting networks from anywhere.

ARRI LightNet-functies

ARRI LightNet has been developed as a powerful, visually intuitive, and flexible tool to assist the smooth and efficient operation of contemporary studio facilities with both IP-based and DMX-controlled lighting systems.

• Multi-user interface with attractive and intuitive graphical overview
• Resource-saving front end and high-performance back end
• Central monitoring integration possible
• Holistic device monitoring for lighting networks (cross-manufacturer, cross-device)
• Accessible from everywhere

ARRI LightNet reference project

WeltN24 relies on the expertise of the ARRI Solutions Group. The WELT news studios are the first broadcast studios to be exclusively equipped with Ethernet/IP-based lighting technology down to the last lighting fixture.

Explore our reference project.