EXALUX™ Connect+ Basic

EXALUX™ CONNECT+ is a dual band Wi-Fi to DMX gateway that allows wireless lighting control via Art-net compatible App. CONNECT+ is compatible with the most of DMX Apps (BlackOut, DMX Connect+, Luminair).

CONNECT+ features:

- Built-in dual band Wi-Fi MiMo access point
- Built-in dual universe DMX node
- Built-in DMX recorder
- Built-in Ethernet Switch
- RDM compliant
- Compatible with any DMX Lighting device or controller
- Multiple XLR outputs for wired DMX distribution
- Multiple RJ45 ports for Ethernet distribution
- V-LOCK battery / DC5-24V powered
- Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
- Firmware upgrade through USB port
- Power over DMX (PoD) feature on DMX outputs
- Ready for the futur thanks to the SnapLink Extension port

CONNECT+ is certainly the most sophisticated Wi-Fi to DMX gateway on the market!

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Dual Band reliable Wi-Fi

EXALUX™ CONNECT+ features an high performance dual band (2.4Ghz+5Ghz) MiMo Wi-Fi Access point.
 This means you can be sure to have a reliable and responsive connectivity between your IPAD and your CONNECT+.
Switch the 5Ghz Wi-Fi to use your CONNECT+ with a CRMX transmitter such as the TX100N and avoid any interference,
or use it if the aera really is to noisy.
In addition, EXALUX™ CONNECT+ features a mode that makes it possible to automatically select the clearer frequency band.

Wireless scalability

Plug your EXALUX™ CONNECT TX100N wireless DMX transmitters to the XLR 5 outputs to create
a wireless DMX link between your iPAD and your lighting fixtures.
The CONNECT TX100N can be connected directly to the CONNECT+ or a few metres away via
 a DMX cable to get the best connection. Thanks to the PoD, no extra power supply is needed.

2 universes - 2 DMX outputs

EXALUX™ CONNECT+ pushes the limits of DMX.
CONNECT+ makes it possible to manage two DMX universes without adding additional interface, and thus,
meet the needs of the most complex fixtures. In the near future, it will become possible to manage more
than two DMX universes with the additional Connect interface. CONNECT+ is really clever to control your
ASTERA NYX bulbs at your fingertips for example !

Fully compatible with the most popular Apps

With EXALUX™ CONNECT+, you can now finally get the full potential of the most populars Apps such as BlackOut and Luminair.
EXALUX™ CONNECT+ is fully compatible with all DMX applications based on the Art-Net protocol.

A future-oriented power supply mode

EXALUX™ CONNECT+ can be powered via the Ethernet cable using a PoE injector.
 This allows the CONNECT+ to be installed in the best place without worrying about power supply constraints.
PoE mode is particularly useful if you use the CONNECT+ as an Art-Net Nod with a live hardware console.
Thanks to PoD (PowerOverDMX) technology, you will be able to power additional DMX devices by connecting them directly to the 5-pin XLR connector.

Philips HUE ready

Connect your Philips HUE Bridge to one of the RJ45 ports of the
EXALUX™ CONNECT+ and control your Philips HUE bulbs with your iPAD.
(The Philips HUE bridge is not supplied with the CONNECT+)

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