FLEXA Sensors - Dynacell Wireless Loadcell


NEW Dynacell Wireless Load Cell


Dynacell expands the scope of the FLEXA SENSORS “eco-system” with a unique, ultra-compact and extremely versatile range of wireless load cell sensors.

A minimalist but extremely ergonomic and functional design distinguishes these two new models from the well-known shackle models; an aluminium body black anodised finishing for the 500Kgs WLL and a stainless steel body burnished finishing for the 5000Kgs WLL.


One component for a wide range of applications. Load cell body hardened eyes enable to connect to the Dynacell different type of rigging hardware and create a live load monitoring system able to satisfy quite a number of needs. The absolute load accuracy of the sensors refines reading tolerances over any load within plus / minus 2 Kg’s.


The on-board electronics is miniaturized and simply powered by 2 x CR123 batteries. Magnetic on/off switch and hermetic containment deliver maximum protection from dust and water. Dynacell has a tool-free battery replacement compartment and it is fully compatible with the existing FLEXA control software platform.

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