Robe SuperSpikie


Like the Spikie? You’ll LOVE the SuperSpikie.

Bigger, brighter and bolder, the SuperSpikie takes the look to another level.
Four times brighter than the original Spikie and with the addition of rotating gobos – this effects machine has even more looks to blast through its 165mm lens front.
The Zoom is bigger too. From a 3,5° beam to a soft wash at 42°, the CMY or RGBW colour mix looks rich.
In-air effects using different combinations of the gobos, prism or flower effect feature, make this a versatile stage, set or studio piece. With the ability to mount it in any position, the fast 360° continuous pan and tilt motors add yet another dimension.


LIGHT OUTPUT: 4.100 lm
ZOOM RANGE: 3.5°–42°
EFFECTS: Flower Effect, Colour Rainbow Effect, 3 Facet Prism, Rotating gobo wheel

Read all technical specifications on the Robe website.



Photo credits: Louise Stickland