Astera Pluto Profiellens


Astera Projection Lens For PlutoFresnel
16°-36° Zoom | E-Size Gobo | Shutter Blades

Turn your PlutoFresnel into a battery-powered and highly portable profile fixture. This lens offers precision optics combined with 16° – 36° zoom, shutters and Gobos for ultra-precise lighting.


One body for two lenses
With the ProjectionLens, PlutoFresnel can be turned into a profile lens within seconds. Simply unlock the Fresnel lens, slide it out and insert the ProjectionLens.

More about PlutoFresnel

16° – 36° Zoom
Integrated into the ProjectionLens is a manual zoom for a 16° to 36° projection that is operated by rotating the zoom wheel.

Two Focus Wheels
To ensure a crystal-clear projection at any distance, the focus is set over 2 wheels: One wheel adjusts the projection distance from near and far, the other adjusts the focus.

Shutter Blades on two Planes
Cut off part of the beam with the 4 shutter blades.

E-Size Gobo
The included Gobo holder is designed for E-Size Gobos and enables crystal-clear projections. Glass and Metal Gobos can be bought from third-party dealers.

Rotatable Barrel
Rotate the lens barrel to adjust the projected beam