Wysiwyg R46 beschikbaar



Wysiwyg release R46 available for download

View the release notes and discover all new features and improvements, or click on 'Download now' to get the latest version right away.


Wysiwyg is now able to Import/Open My Virtual Rig (.MVR) files (but it is not yet possible to Merge such files; merging will come with R47).


R46 comes with great performance improvements. A noticeable performance increase will be noticed in all simulations, but special attention was paid to improving FPS rates when prisms and ‘breakup’-type gobos are used, as well as when switching between Cameras. Check out the full list of enhancements.


It is now possible to export .wyg files complete with textures in the glTF file format. This option is found in CAD mode’s Shaded view tab, or while a Shaded View pane is active in any other CAD view tab (including in Custom Tabs).


More information about the new release R46.